Lee Min-ho, Lee Jung-jae Iced coffee The Gift in the 'Cute pose' response to "Wang Yi to be"

The top of the idol group EXO(EXO)the new song 'Obsession'(optional session)in early winter to hot, the moon in the background.

'Love poem' IU, comeback schedule this time..the chart of Wang Yi back to you

Cha Eun-woo, Shin Se-kyung of the marital commitment the kiss is for and was.

'New Embassy By command' Shin Se-kyungVSKim Min more, the fight to end→pipe right kept

Shin Se-kyung or in danger said.

'New Embassy By command' Lee JI Hoon Shin Se-kyung and unusual first encounter eye-catching.

'Lesley D. Van Arsdall Chronicles'in the Song Joong-ki with Federation President Jang Dong-gun is so evil but the Almighty Wang Yi be and is encouraged.

Be Song Joong-ki with Jang Dong-gun to Wang Yi to fear is needed, he said.

'No pass Chronicles', Song Joong-ki with Jang Dong-gun in the Wang Yi be and the solicitor said.

'Astral Chronicles' Jang Dong-gun and Song Joong-ki have met.

'Running Man' real Wang JI Suk Jin, People 0 people in the most people hold as grade-based.... By year the first to win the final

'Running Man' a real king is silly, people Go Ah-ra and Kwon Yul Seungri

'The day of the day' from the first .. '