WINNER members Kang Seung-yoon's birthday was celebrated.

Lee Seung-gi 'Winner'

BLACKPINK and EXO and TWICE with the WINNER, a newcomer eyeing soundtrack this far

Actor Jung Woo-sung conduction delay today(the 17th) held the Korean Film Production Association in starring than to receive.

Im Yoon-ah, Macau International Film Festival in '2019 Asian style up smart Awards' Awards

The Korean Film Production Association work on the 'Hummingbird'..the Director is Bong Joon-ho

Group WINNER(Kang Seung Yoon, Kim Jin Woo, Song Min Ho, Lee Seung-Hoon)and Chinese Taipei Concert to a successful finish.

Jung Woo-sung, Blue Dragon Film Awards Winner and joy of the Celebratory photo "All with thanks to"

'2018 Blue Dragon Film Awards' Winner of the male public.

Magazine High Cut is '2018 Blue Dragon Film Awards' Winner of the charismatic groups, and reversed the charm of cut to the the public, cheerfully did the scene atmosphere to it.

'2018 Blue Dragon Film Awards' Winner of the male public.

Han Ji-min→Kim Dae-mi, '2018 Blue Dragon Film Awards' Winner pictorial sign decoration 'The imposing attraction'

EXO(EXO) Chanyeol, Yixing Zhang, the China Large Music Awards, one of the '2019 Tencent Music Entertainment Awards'(2019??Sound???Prime 典, Tencent Music Entertainment Awards 2019)of the best movie Winner to be selected on.

Song Min-ho 'Dandy gentleman'

Group WINNER(Kang Seung-yoon, Kim Jin Woo, Song Min Ho, Lee Seung Hoon)the 3rd mini album 'CROSS(cross)' Jacket concept with the description musical spectrum as a non-active area is also dilated and will get revealed.

Han Ji-min (HAN JI MIN) "Now my life's in the mood" ('Blue Dragon Film Awards Hand printing')

"Of life mood" Han Ji-min and Kim scent with Nam Joo-hyuk and Kim Dae-mi 'Blue Dragon' after 1 year(comprehensive)

Han Ji-min x Nam Joo-hyuk, 3 consecutive Breath "New look expect, a good Monster Energy feel"