The late set Memorial wave..Song Hye-kyo, Porto Chocolate event cancellation (synthesis)

Song Hye-kyo, 17 points Protocol cancel "Showbiz Vivo, mourning that mean"

Song Hye-kyo, 6 months of Korea photo chocolate clear..supplier side, "The late set and condolences"

Kim Yoo-jung, Beauty brand event cancellation.."The Vivo mourning"

Song Hye-kyo informal occasion to attend..'Chaumet' side "Port Protocol only cancel" (Official position and expert)

Chaumet side, "Song Hye-kyo, the late set our condolences photo chocolate clear..inside the event attend only"

"The late set and condolences" Song Hye-kyo, 17 Porto Chocolate event cancellation

Song Hye-kyo, divorce after he first official event of cancellation "Late the mourning"

Song Hye-kyo Porto Chocolate event cancellation "Showbiz Vivo, mourning with a sense of clear crystals"(official)

EXO Guardian starred in The movie 'The Gift' side "Vivo screening cancellation, release day Acting"(official)

EXO Protect Zhu Ran 'The Gift' side "Late and Vivo exercised public Acting"(official)

EXO Guardian The movie 'The Gift', tomorrow(17) special video conference+Conferences cancel "Late and Vivo, deep mourning"

"Late the mourning" 15th) N. Flying showcase→production presentation showbiz events come to stop 'Vuitton'

Set in Vivo, showbiz events cancelled..Kim Yoo-jung→'Thumb Body 2'and 'Chicken road'

Kim Yoo-jung, the late the Death Vivo 15 brand event cancellation

Super Siem Reap and Amber Liu, and N. Flying, and Kim Yoo-jung, the late the death Vivo cancellations

Kim Yoo-jung, the Death Vivo in Protocol cancel "Condolences to mind"

The Death Vivo by the news..Kim Yoo-jung condolences for

The Death in the Kim Yoo-jung tomorrow(15 days) exercised canceled "Condolences to mind"

Song Hye-kyo, give up and cancel the brand the event is the unofficial schedule to attend