Of this code, and taken together, the two-shot was introduced.

"Rain, style" .. glass, commute fashionista

Unity Yang Jiwon, 'Attractive smile ~'

Lee Hyunjoo 'Look at'

'Princess in the woods'

Unity 'I have all pretty girls.'

The sweet smile of a single fairy

Filled with charm Yomi '

Lee Su-ji 'Woven, you were surprised?'

Yevin 'Redhead girl full of personality'

Yevin 'With an innocent smile'

Unity 'Enchanting Sikmi'

Unity Woo Hee 'Cheungsong retro charm More trumpets Cheongpa Ji ~

Lee Su-ji 'A sincere smiling angel'

Woo Hee 'Please hide ~'

Unity Yang Jiwon 'Beautiful eyebrow'