TWICE TZUYU,'Selfish Beautiful looks strutting Hand heart'

TZUYU - Sana 'Sorn you'

Square, a busy Sorn

TWICE TZUYU, 'The two eyes of the Beautiful looks'

TWICE Chae 'Dot pattern Skirt, gaze robbed'

TWICE I smoke 'Greetings, you're not~'

TWICE Momo 'Today, Beautiful looks help Yes'

TWICE the expression 'This cute maybe but'

TWICE my Smoking 'Cute my Smoking Bunny charm'

TWICE Mina - Sana 'A different attraction'

TWICE Mina 'Graceful atmosphere'

TWICE square 'Hair nourishing.'

TWICE TZUYU 'Invariably the doll shapes'

TWICE square - Chae 'You are stuck to'

TWICE now valid 'Other than for keeping from'

TWICE TZUYU 'White Rajkot Hanaro elegant Sorn-complete'

Chae - TZUYU, lovely TWICE youngest line

TWICE my Smoking 'English fallen below the weather less in the Netherlands'

TWICE TZUYU 'The right of the workers to be the perfect style'

And the expression 'Far from striking hair color'