'Running Man' Kim JI-Seok Jeon So-min, Date scene captured 'Tingle inducing'

'Running Man'in the pink atmosphere what happened?..Jeon So-min♥Kim JI Suk, heart-fluttering Date

Jeon So-min, life of the whole.

"Back down."..Jeon So-min, 'Running Man'→'Top star milky' of the year analysis screamer (comprehensive)

'Top stars Milky is' Lee Sang-yeob "Jeon So-min, adlib mm don't want to"

'Top stars Milky is' Jeon So-min, "'Running Man' Character extension, broken..... think"

Jeon So-min, "'Top star milky', 'Running Man' An extension in the works"

Heo Jeong-min, 'Impish to'

Kim, JI-Suk, Milky to get

Lee Sang-yeob, 'Cute V'

Yun happy, our Milky came?

This, the President of Tokyo Fashion

Kim, JI-Suk, Yeo floating in the Milky this

Kim Ji-seok, the 'Top stars keep back the heart-fluttering hearts'

'Beagle image is increased.'..Jeon So-min, breaking youthful single transformation

Jeon So-min for 'Straight and fitted and Leeds terminal renewal'

Jeon So-min this 14 afternoon Seoul Yeongdeungpo-GU Yeongdeungpo-Dong Armory hall open in tvN drama 'Top stars Milky is' making presentations to attend.

Jeon So-min, cute straight simple hair

"Lovely manrep"..the whole place, lovely smile