Liu Shan, Kim Yoo-jung praised in the mood UP

Kim Yoo-jung, the 'Always with a smile'

Yun average, uniform cleaning man

Liu Shan, 'With a charming smile'

Liu Shan 'Killer heel in a Be watchful stance'

Yoon Kyun-sang - Kim Yoo-jung, fun couple shot

Liu Shan 'Posing with confidence'

Park Joong-hoon, Without Borders have a thumb wash

Park Joong-hoon - Ahn Jung-hwan, 'the Happy Jump - Endless Arcade not people'

Jeon So-min, "'Top star milky', 'Running Man' An extension in the works"

Park Shin-hye 'As well elegant footsteps'

'A delightful Dance sports Girls'

BLACKPINK, ABC 'high-speed & Sarah' starring 'Beauty main broadcast it'