'Innocence' Shin Hye-sun X BAE Jong-OK, 'Knowing Bros'and 'Running Man' Scramble..Artistic sensation expectations↑

'Innocence' Shin Hye-sun, and BAE Jong-OK, 'Knowing Bros→Running Man' Scramble..Art active example and

'Prosecutor Civil War' today(the 13th), school violence incidents dealt with..reality put out episodes as a sympathetic↑

'Running Man' Lee Kwang-soo X Suk Jin, directing Murder The Suspect on the item

Jung Woo-sung "17 years ago, AD at the scene saw Kim Hyang Gi, the first nail look"(interview)

'Witnesses' Jung Woo-sung "This movie 'pure you' Will come out..handsome lawyer"

Gong Hyo Jin, 'Elegant figure'

Gong Hyo Jin, 'The goddess step'