Love is difficult indeed..Han Sunhwa, the reality The Lover Acting on 'Snowy Road'

'Convenience planet' Han Sunhwa, Career woman→crisis of The Lover 'My Acting'

'Convenience planet' Han Sunhwa, Ji Chang-wook mind can change the world's..Mature my Acting

'Convenience planet' Ji Chang-wook♥Han Sunhwa, The Lover relationship change you? 'Cool airflow'

7 October to midday like a hot couple Hyuna and throw fashion lifestyle magazine 'Allure Korea's cover was decorated.

'Youth records' side "Seol In-ah, Park Bo-gum head, The Lover role as a special nature confirmed"(official)

'Soul repair' myself to the average X Jung So-min, month, beach Walking

'Soul repair' myself to the average, one still Acting violent life.

Lee Min-ho revealed '♥Kim Go-eun folded arms shot' Real The Lover as 'Sweet Kemi'

Kim Go-eun X Lee Min-ho, kung bet shiny perfect dance Breath "Cute The Lover"

"Love Hunter was".. the assignment Hoon PD, this photo in 'Shame'

Wax, new single 'The Way Home to me' today(the 19th) released

A house theater caught the 'Park Seo-joon and then write'

In the last in Ahn Hyo-seop, Lee Sung-kyung, this violent kiss as The Lover this was.

Actor Lee Joo-yeon and fashion model night landscape with The April Fools with sweet couples and more is unveiled.

Actor Ahn Hyo-seop and Lee Sung-kyung, the man in the other cases already boasted.

Conduction delay "debut 30 years, Jung Woo-sung and the first The Lover Breath..rather dead line"

'Straw people' meet for the first time before even the Smoking X Jung more time let's go