Liu Yi "Lee Seung-gi and Similiar? Positive The Image similar like this"

'Comeback D-6' Solji, this farewell ballad sensibilities before it.

Jun Hyoseong Propyl group B cut public.."Excellence in Chanpurū my eyes what?"

Golden Harvest Dinner, new song 'hip' Teaser The Image public ... Bang Si-Hyuk producer Washington expect↑

'Shrewd Summer life' Zico album, 'Random box' Jacket The Image public

In SF9 brilliant summer day vs the light after that..comeback group The Image public

Shin Yong Jae, 7 October 1 debut of the first Music album→2 years 3 months comeback "2020 activities, including professional"

Sunmi Teaser, soft VS intense..'Violet night' comeback

'Comeback' Nada, single 'My body' concept photo health beauty exudes

Sunmi fell in love, all picked?..'Violet night' Teaser The Image public

Ahn Hyo-seop, cosmetics model was "Clean and health for The Image"

'Replace' Chungha, unique charisma

'Comeback' Sunmi, new song 'Violet night' Teaser revealed..refreshing beauty Explosion

3YE, Cumming Business+Samsung Group, The Image Teaser unveiled