Kim Go-eun 'Distance from the glitter'

Kim Go-eun 'Watch a fresh new entry'

Kim Go-eun 'Entry from the last laugh'

Jang Yoon-ju, 'the Husband's people towards honey dripping eyes'

Kim Go-eun, 'the Pretty smile in the gaze robbed~'

Photo month on line husband watching Jang Yoon-ju

Kim Go-eun 'The waist line of the sample'

Kim Go-eun 'Fashion Beautiful looks to help white snowflakes'

Kim Ji-seok, the 'Top stars keep back the heart-fluttering hearts'

Jang Yoon-ju 'Appeared from the South..... different state'

Jang Yoon-ju, 'Husband poses to the transmission of'

Kim Go-eun, 'the Gorgeous White costume'

Sohee, year-end meetings, The Party featured 'The Holiday look' suggestions

Fashion magazine 'Elle Korea'12 in this issue learn Sohee's pictorial revealed.

Kondongji 'Dazzling entrance'

마미손 'Just look at Mad club download'

AOA admirer, cat wondered, and resemble the eyes

Kondongji,'Day by day Pretty get'

AOA Jimin,'Heart-fluttering eye alignment'

One room 'Dark circles not eye shadow'