'EXO' Baekhyun, the new album affection towards "Comprehensive The Gift Package"

'The Information we' Baekhyun "A new concept, comprehensive The Gift Package feel"

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'Noon's hope song' EXO regular 6 album 'OBSESSION(options, session)'as returned.

'The Information we' EXO new album 'the Options and more options'is introduced.

Holiday of Ji Soo, heart-warming Miso

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Jeon So-min, Kim Jong Kook Haha Yang Se-chan, Iced coffee, The Gift of shyness explosion

Song, Yoon-I, Kim Hye snack car The Gift impressed by "Love"

Singer Eric Nam this 32-second birthday.

Singer cum Actor Bae Suzy the goddess's said.

Chae Soo-bin Yoon Kyun-sang is grateful exposed.

Han Ji-min, a large bouquet, The Gift in exchange for Miso "Thank you"

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Kim Ji-won, a late birthday Celebratory photo "Thanks"