NCT 127, American Thanksgiving festival to participate..members of the 'A smile'

This day the scene in the parade for the 350 million people of people gather in for the situation alone, and the United States of America NBC channel and YouTube live through in about 5 million viewers to the local high attention to once again realize was.

"Thanksgiving later on also in the United States"..Song Hye-kyo, New York City, the Chelsea College of Arts registration in interest↑

Song Hye-kyo side "New York Art Center registration? Personal check, difficult"

"This is the Meet the Robinsons"..'Little forest' Thanksgiving fit the market environment→Feast Food

'Little Forest' market exploration→Thanksgiving 'Songpyeon'debt to..Lee Seung-gi 'Decoction' of such

Chapter One, Bill Nye upside down while eating Beautiful looks "Happiness for Thanksgiving♥"

Jung Woo-sung and Ma Dong-Seok and Yu to scramble..'Innocent Witness'from 'The perfect party'

'Innocent Witness' Jung Woo-sung's rediscovered

Bill Nye 47-year-old Jung Woo-sung, running test 1 for pole ..time to go backwards, which looks

"Enjoyable For" a star-studded Thanksgiving greetings relay

"Park Bo-gum and IU and Homecoming with win want to go together"

Kim Min-Ju is superior, Beautiful looks to fans for the Thanksgiving greeting I was.

Kang Ha-neul X Park Seo-joon 'Midnight Runners', the plot and the opening at the time acclaimed The Man 男 Kemi

"9 November 20, Gigi!"..'Vagabond' Lee Seung-gi X drainage, and visual instep Thanksgiving greetings

'The Princess and the Matchmaker', 2019 Thanksgiving special movie..Station art Lee Seung-gi and Ong showing the planted environment of the Komi Di

Lee Min-ho, can't hide that perfect proportion, the man himself States "Joyful Thanksgiving"

Lee Min-ho "A joyful Thanksgiving to send to" overwhelming visual

Lee Min-ho "A joyful Thanksgiving to send their kids to"..the visual end of Thanksgiving greetings 'Warming'

"A joyful Thanksgiving to send to" Lee Min-ho, a perfect piece of human