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Lee Min-ho, a 34-year-old birthday celebration for fans on the "Special Haru made me Thank You"

'34th birthday' Lee Min-ho "Special Haru Thank You"..the living room filled with fans♥

TWICE JIHYO "Once, 'Inkigayo' 1 for Thank You You."

Park Bo-gum, 28th birthday celebration by fans Cake holding a Thank You greeting "Bless"

Park Bo-gum, heart-warming, Beautiful looks to a birthday celebration in response to "Thank You and bless you."

'Dew of life' Jung Kyung-ho, "Kim Joon-wan feel cool may Not make one without the naughty"

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Actress Lee Yoon-JI has a daughter Rani 'with Thanks to the challenge participated in.

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'Rugal' Park Sun-ho End impressions "The first action was difficult, but gratifying, Incheon self thanks happy"

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"Commitment on Thank You"..Song Seung-heon, thanks to the challenge involved..heart-warming status

Girls ' Generation Taeyeon, 'Thanks to the challenge' join "Doctor Who Thank You and respect"..'Second aunt Kim service Kim, you have singled out

Jung Yu-mi challenge participation "Of medical notes and a deep Thank You"