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Group BTS(BTS) 'The people's Choice Awards'in 4 golds climbed in.

'American Music Awards' Taylor Swift Strikes Stage

Dark & ​​amp; From the Wild Award to NCT 127 Red Carpet..K embroidered pop '2018 AMAs'

Dark & ​​amp; Wild, beauty 'Peoples Choice' two candidates, competing with Lady Gaga

"Dark & ​​amp; Let's go to the Wild."

"Dark & ​​amp; Let's go to the Wild."

Dark & ​​amp; Wild comeback syndrome

Dark & ​​amp; Wild 'IDOL' MV tops 90 million view in 4 days '100 million views ahead'

BTS 'IDOL' Movie, YouTube Ranked 24th Hits World No.1

'Midnight' Joseph Khan, Dark & ​​amp; Wild Appearance → apples mixed with irony 'anger'

'Midnight' Dark & ​​amp; Wild side "Joseph Khan racial discrimination, official response X .. comeback devotion"

Taylor Swift, Dark & ​​amp; Fan center? .. "♥ BTS ♥, Forever"

Dark & ​​amp; Wild, Billboards occupied .. Taylor Swift, John Legend, Farrell Williams and Lille Firm 'With ★'

From John Legend to Taylor Swift, Billboards ★ Darkened & amp; Wild