Taeyeon, new song 'Lunar eclipse' Highlight public..the first proper sound for deep vocals

Taeyeon, Vol. 2 repackage tracklist revealed..title song is 'I to say'

Girls ' Generation Taeyeon, this Regular 2 repackage album as a comeback.

Girls ' Generation Taeyeon it Self near the situation I was.

Taeyeon and the rest of the situation informed.

Singer Taeyeon this human Doctor Who as a tree, The Metamorphosis was.

Girl group Girls ' Generation member Taeyeon this Santa Cruz de la Sierra to change the You said.

Taeyeon(Girls ' Generation Taeyeon)this the famous magazine of the new year the first cover colorful decorative.

Girl group Girls' Generation-born singer Taeyeon this man Aura, and was proud.

EXO and Taeyeon and Bolbbalgan4 and Beom-Jun Jang, TOP10 selection

Taeyeon, dessert than a sweet Miso..the blue Hat to help Perfect match

Cacao is operating a music platform Muskmelon(Melon), this held that 'the MMA 2019 Imagine by Kia(Muskmelon Music Awards, The MMA 2019)'of the TOP10 public.

{"code":404,"message":"Maximum daily tra this 'Begin Again' with members of the group shot to share.

Singer IU(this)is his most love to listen to music and came back.

Girl group Girls ' Generation member Taeyeon this Halloween to fit in cute disguise prepared.

Girls ' Generation Taeyeon, this gives fans a Halloween greeting I was.

Taeyeon, off-the-shoulder shows a provocative image..I was attractive

'Comeback' Taeyeon 'At a party' mV Teaser..drastic makeup 'Intense'

'Believe listen vocal Queen Girls' Generation Taeyeon(SM Entertainment affiliation)of the regular 2 House title song 'Spark (Spark)' Mnet Asian Music Awards Teaser video has been released.

'Believe listen vocal Queen Girls' Generation Taeyeon regular Vol 2 album 'Wine'(Harvey Weinstein) Highlight the clip was unveiled.