Tae Jin-ah, Wanna One for infinite affection

Wanna One with Tae Jin-ah and Gangnam District to generation, a timeless world for the fashionable

Your 'About ' Salim' Tae Jin-ah "Gangnam District than Kang Daniel..Attractiveness with the man."

Your 'About ' Salim' Tae Jin-ah "Kang Daniel, the phone frequently. Attractiveness amazing"

Tae Jin-ah Caffè macchiato is found Wanna One→Lee Sang-hwa, Itaewon hot,

Tae Jin-ah X Gangnam District, Nichkhun wearing a red suit and tongue shot

Tae Jin-ah - Gangnam District, this area is not enough

Tae Jin-ah - Gangnam District 'Market traders to popular body ~'

Tae Jin-ah - Gangnam District 'Popular in the Yongmun market'

'Trot Transformation' Gangnam District "I disagree with my colleagues, but I do not like it." (Interview ①)