Kim Hye-soo, gold, and let the male release The 'Any angle in the beautiful'

'Itaewon Club Festival' Park Seo-joon "Last night drink too sweet, and for the past 7 months more growth"

'Itaewon Club Festival' the kind of 거뒀다..TV viewer ratings 18.3% record

Park Seo-joon, 'Itaewon Club Festival' End feel "I turned to one and work"

'Itaewon Club Festival' Park Seo-joon "Me back to work"

Park Seo-joon "'Itaewon Class' to Me , I look back and think life is to work"

'Itaewon Club Festival' #JTBC historical # 2 #Kim Dae-mi found #fashion occupied

'Itaewon Club Festival' is not just fat, 18% breakthrough in itself the best 'Types of'

'Itaewon Club Festival' Park Seo-joon♥Kim Dae-mi, I love all 이뤘다..TV viewer ratings 18% breakthrough

"Anticlimax then write" 'Itaewon Club Festival' Downer ending, Park Bo-gum only shone

Park Bo-gum surprise appearance..'Itaewon Club Festival' Best TV viewer ratings End

Ended 'Gold plated silver night' or this in with, tired of, did not you?