Hyomin, glass plays Ferris Celebratory photo "Cool..... my Friend♥"

The group incognito as the activity was Jun Hyoseong this description for pictures of the unveiled.

Hyomin 'The stage of the cheek to gorgeous fashion'

Hyomin 'Too cold.'

Han Sunhwa, a solid body exposed to everyday

Ham, Eun Jung 'I need long hair.'

Hyomin 'It's hard to get off.'

Jung Joon-young and Park Ji-yeon, the second Romance rumor to be denied, 'The truth?'

Lyrics by Luke Twice Summer Party by Wheesung

Apink Jung Eun-ji, 'Expectation UP'

T-ara Park Ji-yeon, Cheung Soo Beautiful looks with 'Solo Come back signal?'

"Is not it a doll?" Hyomin, daily Leeds renewal

T-ara Park Ji-yeon Recent updates, clean air (ft. Exclusive contract)

"Happy Birthday" .. Han Sunhwa X Hyomin, affectionate two-shot

Qri, Changcheon and Romance rumor After the first update "Home-based hobbies are Travel"

"It's still pretty." T-ara delay, flower beauty All Kill

"Elegance and dignity beauty" .. Bae Suzy = Princess