Bong Joon-ho and Jung Woo-sung and also natural, today's Korean Film Festival Writers Association top Awards

Actor Jung Woo-sung conduction delay today(the 17th) held the Korean Film Production Association in starring than to receive.

Jung Woo-sung 'So handsome man the first time I see eyes'

Jung Woo-sung 'Nice personification of the'(Blue Dragon Film Festival)

"This face, ride last."..Jung Woo-sung, a handsome textbook

Park Hye-soo,'Radiant Office smile'

Park Hye-soo,'Carefully stairs to climb and'

Management 'The top on account of their eyes, gun gun'

Park Hye-soo 'The Gift of the heroine who is?'

Park Hye-soo - Oh Jung-se 'The audience is sparkly'

Management - Park Hye-soo - Oh Jung-se 'Swing Kids love.'

Management 'Dance? dub? PR?'

Management 'Merry Christmas.'

Park Hye-soo 'Pink Dress fluttering'

Management 'The Bishop of our team fashionista'

Park Hye-soo 'Earlobes but also alluring'

Management 'Warm air architecture'