KT comes form tired, this time kicking!

Lee Min-ho,'Flame Bouncing eyes'

'Harsh Hazing' LG Lee Min-ho to grow, nutrients become incorrect notes

Today the state of poverty 3 points homer allowed by Lee Min-ho

3 points homer KT O state of poverty, instead of hand to elbow!

KT comes form tired, I homer!

3 Stores old status of poverty 'Imposing'

KT comes form the Dragon, LG Lee, Min-ho expected run home run Raider!

Sri is such a home run allowed for Lee Min-ho

The river guard,the body side in surprise

LG Lee Min-ho, a rookie of fashion as!

KT and the practice of the other panel for LG Lee Min-ho

1 innings, 4 runs, Lee Min-ho,'No I'

KT comes form the Dragon, LG 3 store Explosion..newcomer Lee Min-ho in spicy

Lee Min-ho,'Every gaze'

Lee Min-ho, a powerful The

Lee Min-ho,to battle

Lee Min-ho, the Horn of battle

Lee Min-ho, very beautiful eyes

Lee Min-ho, dynamic Wine up