Girls' Generation Sunny "charge was a Slovak?"..Taeyeon and Yuri and Im Yoon-ah reaction to the comeback expectations↑

Sunny, Jeju Smelter than the sky 'Even if you sit down'

Sunny 'Model posing pose'

"Good" Im Yoon-ah, Barbie Doll shaved visual

Sunny, I was very happy with the photo my father took. "I can not go out."

Girls' Generation Sunny, Debut 11th Anniversary Girl's Attractiveness

Girls'Generation Hyoyeon, blues 'I do not know'

Hyoyeon, 'Blonde + Pink Ribbed' How long will you stay in my beauty?

Girls'Generation Ogaji, fairy beauty showcasing comeback authentication shot "

"Tired me, Hyoyeon Sister let me tear" .. 'Time' Seohyun, Girls' Generation

Taeyeon, the dongle is also wearing glasses 'During the end of the appearance king'

Girls'Generation - Oh! GG "New Song, Test Ban Song - Recommended for Labor" Confidence

"A meaningful Sunday" .. Chun Woo-Hee celebrates 14th anniversary of his debut

Sunny, Girls'Generation 11 celebration "100 Century, Centennial Gaza"

Sunny, as the name implies, the smell of the sunshine "The loveliness is unchanged"

"'SinB + Oomyo' atmosphere" .. GFriend, 'Summer summer sun' concept photo public

GFriend, new concept photo released ...

GFriend, new song 'Summer summer sun' MV Teaser released .. "Refreshing beauty sputum"