'Convenience planet' Kim Yoo-jung, fist as Park Jin-joo subdue the intense appeared

Park Jin-joo, 'Convenience planet'by Kim Yoo-jung and 'Sunny' parody special nature..laughter keep expect

Sunny, Macaron bite and snap "Cute Explosion"

Sunny with a lovely selfie to the public.

Group Girls ' Generation member Sunny the past released a photo.

EXO members Chen(Kim Jong and 28)this non-Smoking and marriage and said among the past he had mentioned ideal type which was there.

Kang So-ra "'Sunny' Indonesia popular proud and pleased"

'Running Man'of the 9 anniversary Love Without Love (Live at Summer Vacation/08 'Run the tool'is started.

'Running Man' Haha, 'God of darkness X-the Prophet'was..God of light, Sunny&human team final Seungri

'Running Man' finally revealed 'Run the tool project', the pre-mission from a spy until.. Running Man download Concert

'Running Man' Sunny, light was the God Of..of the dark God Haha

'Running Man', Sunny, the human Jang Ye-won out and survived..she is the God of darkness date

Sunny have to take your eyes off no human Self near the situation to the public.

Way to members because of both teams 'God of darkness' hints did not receive it.

Sunny with Yang Se-chan, the youngest fact in surprise.

'Running Man' Girls ' Generation Sunny with Ji Suk-jin in the description of embarrassment to laughter to him.

Girls ' Generation Sunny with comedian Ji Suk-jin for the reply as on the bottom but the soap was.

SBS art program 'Running Man' race ending revealed.

'Running Man' Sunny, Sunmi, Kim Yu Garden, Jang Ye-won this with the 'God of Light vs God of darkness' Race ending revealed.

'Running Man' God of light and God of darkness, the prophet of A Case of Identity revealed.