Sunmi Teaser, soft VS intense..'Violet night' comeback

Sunmi fell in love, all picked?..'Violet night' Teaser The Image public

Sunmi, dream eyes on the jewelry perfectly matching

Singer Sunmi have a comeback before the day released.

'Comeback' Sunmi, new song 'Violet night' Teaser revealed..refreshing beauty Explosion

Sunmi, standing only because of the sweater your iron and steel 'Unique atmosphere Goddess'

'Notes' Yoo Seung-ho, this is a final opportunity ahead of the End, and the last point to I was.

Yoon Bomi Lee Mi-joo the storm dance more than anything.

Singer Sunmi with sports brand is the public.

Sunmi, Beautiful looks great body perfect 'Next time fashion'

'Vagrant market' National Herald Scam, Sunmi→EXO Idol cover dance..Fatal Attraction 'Sohn Suk-hee'

'Vagrant market' National Herald Scam, Sunmi and Red Velvet, such as Junior Idol dance cover showcase

Yeon Woo "role model=Sunmi, your own colors are cool."

This movie "Acting 24 year the car was but 'the Actor' Be strange"

Singer Sunmi with chic the.

'A rice salon' channel, or "EXO Kai and BTS Jimin and stage and Alpha..too good"

Singer Sunmi a man with another fashion phone stand out.

Singer Sunmi near the situation I was.

Sunmi, exclusive atmosphere 'Car Parking runway'

Sunmi with Park Jin-Young and the two-shot was introduced.