Sulli, Lotte Mart Sight Sweep for Beautiful looks

Sulli 'Anywhere eye focused'

Sulli 'Travellers Sight-robbing Beautiful looks'

Sulli 'Healing smiles and hearts'

Sulli 'Fashion from the spring material and much'

Sulli, Sight write off Seo Min-jung

Sulli 'Jacket pick up me a beautiful, off-the-shoulder'

Sulli 'The jacket is off and I have to go.'

"I a champion today"..Sulli, fans at the Entrance greeting

Sulli, the truth of our

Sulli 'Green seemed a Beautiful looks'

Sulli, juicer machine now has a smile

Sulli, 'Feed another human'

Sulli fell in love, sweet eyes

Sulli, 'Flowed a pure image'

Sulli, light I face

Sulli, pure charm and

Sulli, 'P!nk Goddess appeared'

Sulli, 'The juicer already~'

'Sulli is the truth.'