EXO Guardian, holographic letter by the Enlisted news.."You will want to look"

EXO Guardian, and next Military service..the team out a third of military duties

The Guardian "EXO is my life..Gary McKinnon album UN Suho 'self-portrait' Our"

EXO Guardian today, Gary McKinnon debut "'self-portrait', Suho exposed album"

EXO Guardian "'self-portrait' Van Gogh inspired, Suho and wanted to"

EXO Guardian X the movie, 'How Are You Bread' Breath..Kong romance 'Kemi' what about

EXO Guardian, Virgin Snow together and open Beautiful looks..a coffee mug any day than a photoshoot

Blue Dragon Film Festival Awards spiral 'EXO Guardian' Suho "Beautiful and also Smoking guests" admiration

Actor Suho(EXO guardian)to signal average and to life.

The movie 'The Gift'of God to mean, Suho(EXO Guardian)about "Following a long work in or want to meet the Actor,"and praised.

Group EXO leader cum performer Suho(Guardian)this short film 'The Gift'from the impressive open natural life.

'The Gift' Suho's news was.

Suho (EXO Guardian : EXO SUHO) single shot, for the Guardian smiled in thought ('The Gift' Press conference')

Suho, pastel cardigan

28 am Seoul with the gun is the Lotte Cinema in The movie 'The Gift' special screening and press conference took place.

Suho 'Miso is the EXO style'

Suho 'As for The Gift'

Suho 'Trembling footsteps'

Suho(EXO Guardian)The Actor, in the hope of said.

Actor Suho(EXO Guardian)this outfit interested in said.