Straight kids, 'Double Knot' English language version of the choreography Teaser revealed..powerful performance

Straight kids, the first English language album Group visual Public..great charisma 'Overwhelmed'

Straight kids, a meaningful Teaser by the public "1 October 24, coming soon"

Straight kids, a new song concept photo revealed '8-8 colors naughty charm'

Straight kids Felix X I. N, the youngest Skyline of the time including

EXO 'OBSESSION', to warm retail store Album Charts # 1

EXO 'Options and more options', bring the 51 car retail store Album Charts # 1

Singer Kim Jae-hwan of 'The MOMENT' album Gaon Chart 2019 50 Parking weekly retail store album chart in the # 1 accounted for.

Singer IU 'Inkigayo' for 3 consecutive weeks No. 1 and the Triple Crown accounted for.

EXO members appeared No 1 ranked.

The 'Show!Gashina (Live/2017) at'EXO the 1st place, and Park Jin-Young and straight kids that comeback was.

Group EXO 2 consecutive weeks 'Gashina (Live/2017)' 1 up.

Group EXO No. 1 position was.

'Music Bank' EXO 1st place, Kim Jae-hwan and Stray Kids new song The Party

'Music Bank' EXO, starring without 1..Kim Jae-hwan and Park Jin-Young and Stray Kids comeback

'Music Bank' EXO, 'Options and more options' broadcast appearances without 1..Y. Park's friend Kim Jae-hwan friend Stray Kids comeback(comprehensive)