Jimin comeback ahead of new album 'Stay Beautiful(Stay beautiful)'concept of Teaser to the public.

'My special My Annoying Brother My' Lee Kwang-Soo will highlight the 'Current'importance of

BTS, a comeback ahead of the beauty Billboards main chart 31 weeks long

BTS, beauty Billboards main chart 31 weeks long way..own the record for the longest

BTS, 31 weeks, Billboards main chart occupied..Billboards 200 111 for

BTS, 'Billboards 200' 31 consecutive weeks in the charts in 'For the record'

BTS, beauty Billboards main album chart for 13 weeks the long run..the beauty is your power

'The perfect party' 'Bohemian Rhapsody', 1•2, for the firm..exciting and high speed

Within a group TWICE with the new song 'YES or YES'on Korea - Japan bilateral weekly Media Forest, occupied, 'Global popularity within a group'of the newly exposed and '10 consecutive Heat' term in the stone.

TWICE 'YES or YES', 8 the second chart, can

Dark & ​​amp; Wild, Billboard 200 31th .. Main Chart for 7 consecutive weeks

Actor Immigration, 4 reasons for shaving?

Dark & ​​amp; Wild, NBC 'Jimmy Palmer's Show' Coming (Comprehensive)

Dark & ​​amp; Wild, 美 'Billboards 200' - 'Hot 100' Chart for 3 weeks

"Wannabe Style" .. Jessica Jung, LA Elegant embroidered fabric