Broadcast Park near the situation I was.

4 March Spring breakup vs 10 October autumn love..EXO Chen horse and foot according to Jong-Dae Kim

"1 for expect a NO, and now you can do Music"..EXO Chen, Spring→autumn to sing to

Park Seo-joon,'The warm sun, and a smile'

Lee Sung-kyung In this lovely Airport fashion with Snowy Road attracted.

EXO Chen, I delivered a new solo, 'Love thee' sale..'Emotional Nan Chen of The Flash Reborn'

EXO Chen, Spring this autumn comeback..the following month the second album

EXO Chen, Spring End farewell autumn end love..'Jong-Dae Kim emotional'

EXO Chen, 10 December 1 comeback..Spring this autumn scramble

EXO Chen, the second solo sorties..Spring connects autumn sensibility

'Winter by the' Old Park Shin Hye, frame overflowing elegance

N. Flying, natural charm contains pictorial public

'Spring night' Jung Hae In, and Han Ji-min in love with each other all through the calm and Happy Day drawn out.

Lee Chung-ah, 'Dazzling Beautiful looks column, such that'

Kim Sang-joong 'Spring feels much'

Han Chae-young 'Head only handed over to the elegant new Spring Goddess'

Lee Chung-ah 'Elegant footsteps'

Hong Jong-Hyun 'Screen tight in the car that well.'

Lee Chung-ah, 'Gosh~funny.'

Jeon Hye-bin 'Her season is already Spring'