'Shin Se-kyung home business half' quiz home work(zip-up) interested in fashion and shoot him.

Kang Daniel 'Sneakers the phone Hello?'

Kang Daniel - Yoon-Sung 'Comic and serious'

Kang Daniel 'Sneakers phone for?'

Park Jihoon - the word 'But Elsa, over the emergence of'

With a pool,Kang, Daniel,Yun-Sung 'Students will pose?'

Kang Daniel 'Sneakers the phone Hello?'

Wanna One Ha Sung-woon 'My hearts of hearts save'

Shoulder Wanna One'pose affectionately'

Kang Daniel 'Ability to request new smoke?'

With a pool,Kang, Daniel,Yun-Sung 'Difficult to pose without a problem'

Kang Daniel 'Heart-fluttering hearts launch'

Warner power Lee Dae-hwi 'Pure boy'

Hwang Min-hyun 'A Scion with style'

Shoulder Wanna One'pose affectionately'

Wanna One 'The pose is imposing'

Kim Jae-hwan 'Wanna One is charisma'

Lee Dae-hwi 'A refreshing admission'

Ong Seong-wu 'Emerged from the form, or'

Wanna One 'Anywhere in a cool pose'