Kim Go-eun, a pretty Snickers to 'Girlfriend Holy' finished 'Lovely'

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Han Sunhwa, 'Today footfall is lighter~'

Han Sunhwa, 'a Stately gait'

Han Sunhwa, 'As well light footsteps'

Han Sunhwa, 'As well light footsteps'

IU, Dreamy atmosphere

Hyuna 'Love abs, even the disclosure of Her'

Hyuna 'Attractive smile'

Hyuna 'Confident 11 abs'

Hyuna 'Close-up on a strong visual'

Hyuna, Boy friend like that face

Hyuna 'Hill without enough'

Hyuna 'Unrealistic Beautiful looks'

Retaining generation 'Increasingly cool.'

Ong if 'Heart-warming visuals'

The yellow people's Express ', The Emperor's cool pose'

River Daniel 'Entrance from the South a different aura'

River Daniel 'Hair color is also a perfect digestion'

River Daniel - with a pool, 'Eye-catching hair color'