Ha Sung-woon's own song 'Don't forget.', Sound recording a chart-topping entry

Group Wanna One(Wanna One)this new song 'Spring breeze'with Sound recording chart 1 for swept.

The project group Wanna One music charts and album sales charts in both the coal rights.

Wanna One 'Spring breeze'these various online Sound recording chart 1 for swept.

Group Wanna One this new song 'Spring breeze'as the Sound recording chart is occupied and until the last flowers to enjoy.

Wanna One of the gods and at the same time released indie musicians and _ Nyan's album today Muskmelon - such as the main members site charts and is becoming a hot topic.

Group Wanna One this 'Spring breeze'as the main soundtrack chart swept.

Wanna One of the 'Spring breeze'major domestic music charts as # 1 won.

Wanna One this comeback and at the same time the Sound recording chart 1 for swept.

Group Wanna One(strong Daniel, Park JI Hoon, this is a great word, Kim Jae-Hwan, retaining properties, Woo-Jin Park, Lai Kuan-lin, Yun-Sung, Huang people, with a pool, Ha Sung-woon) ' s new song 'Spring breeze'This chart to swept.

TWICE 'YES or YES', 8 the second chart, can

TWICE 'YES or YES' in 7 weeks time Sound recording chart # 1

TWICE, 4 days 6 Chart 1. the enemy is not.

"Lovely or-were"..TWICE 'YES or YES', a 4 day music charts top

TWICE, 4 days the first Sound recording of the chart occupied "Or-were"

TWICE 'YES or YES', the public 4th day charts normal 'Lovely charm, or-were'

TWICE, now what to call a 'YES or YES'

IU 'Pager' new record is ongoing .. Third day Perfect All Kill

'Music Bank' Dark & ​​amp; Wild, the overwhelming 1st place .. Stern and the Boys comeback

Dark & ​​amp; Wild 'IDOL' on the 12th day chart # 1 .. Long Run Strong