Soo Ae in the shooting while apples' (High Society)

'It is good to sign guard'

Soo Ae 'Humiliated honey skin in close-ups' (High Society stage greeting)

Soo Ae 'The shadow is also jealous.' (High Society stage greeting)

Stage Greeting '(High Society)

Soo Ae 'A neat jeans figure'

Soo Ae - Park Hae-il, 'Sharply'

Soo Ae 'Fan service today unlimited release ~'

Soo Ae 'Boots up to silk'

Soo Ae 'Entangled Chiffon Blouse Entry' (High Society Showcase)

Soo Ae 'Stiff steps to high heels' (High Society showcase)

'High Society' Soo Ae, 'An elegant smile'

Soo Ae 'Unique atmosphere, unchanging beauty'

Soo Ae "It's homework to make an unconventional act, unfamiliar."

Soo Ae 'A shining aura' (High Society interview)

'upper class society' Park Hae-il X Soo Ae, charisma 'Desire Couple' (pictorial)

Soo Ae 'The natural face of a veteran actor' (High Society interview)

Soo Ae 'Elegant see-through dress pattern'

Soo Ae 'A faint and faint gaze'