Actor Song Dae this Summer the atmosphere is water makes you feel refreshing everyday to the public.

Performer Song Dae this gag woman Lee Su-ji's marriage celebrated.

"I'm an entertainer." .. Friendship of 'Heart Signal 2' Song Dae and Hyun Joo Lim

'Heart Signal 2' Song Dae, releasing dreams hidden behind innocence (pictorial)

"Now an actor force" .. 'Heart Signal 2' Song Dae, Dreamy sexy

'Heart Signal 2' Song Dae "The best performer? Hyun Joo Lim"

'Heart Signal 2' Song Dae, "Thank you .. Wait for me to greet you as an actor"

'Heart Signal 2' Song Dae X Kim Haein, cheering for Mexico "1 won origin"

"Heart Signal 2 'IU resemblance to the performer ... Performer 6 人 complete new tenants