Son Dam bi-"Gong Hyo-Jin Long know..tailored advice"

Singer and actor Son Dam-bi's summer pictorial was unveiled.

'Running Man' Seventeen Boo Seungkwan, Son Dam-bi perfect cover "History Idol"

Son Dam-bi, today is the toughest to artisans

Son Dam-bi 'This is also the toughest machine'

Son Dam-bi 'King, Ryan of lovely hearts'

Son Dam-bi 'This one's perfect! I~Chapter'

Son Dam-bi 'The Sunny, Weekend afternoon'

Son Dam-bi 'Hello~'

Son Dam-bi 'Spray time now'

Son Dam-bi 'Healthy over their status'

Son Dam-bi, 'Today it is more lovely to'

Son Dam-bi, 'Dazzling Beautiful looks'

Son Dam-bi, 'Hair but hand over the. heart-fluttering!'

Son Dam-bi, 'Lovely smile'

Son Dam-bi, 'Singh Club V'

Son Dam-bi, 'Dazzling Beautiful looks built and'

Son Dam-bi 'Wide pin healthy smile'

Son Dam-bi 'Cute V'

Son Dam-bi, 'Airport fashion is a complete Beautiful looks!'