EXID Solji, today is P!nk wave "Barney gonna do so"

EXID Solji, shyly Entrance greeting

The bright smile left and leaving Solji

Solji, Mature charm exudes a unique Airport fashion

EXID Solji, Japan Tour back to the 'Airport fashion'

Solji, sense Worth Airport fashion

EXID Solji, early morning sunglasses cool after Airport fashion

EXID Solji, gaze robbed Airport fashion

EXID Solji - . 'Us this.'

EXID Hani 'I Sunglass Hut writes and I'm set'

One 'Another AD, like a scene'

EXID, Solji joined as a whole 'MU Bang' work

Girl group EXID's teaser, the third runner purification a teaser of The Image and the video, this was unveiled.

EXID Solji resumes activity after 1 year and 9 months

'Eye-catching leather skinny'