Girl's Day is born Sojin this is the perfect body to show him.

Sojin, 'Stove League' PR Fairy The Metamorphosis..just like+pure attraction

Sojin X Yura, always sticky Girl's Day is Friendship "my Guild"

E-Sens near the situation I was.

Kang Daniel this is the cover for fashion magazine's Book Sale popular hot.

Sojin, sunflower fields in wide flowers smile

Girl's Day Yura, Park Seo-joon and Han cooker rice..Sojin the actor information

Finance, close-up, calling it Beautiful looks

Girl's Day Sojin, cosmetics face, with all the corn for the day

'Atmosphere Goddess'..Girl's Day Sojin, lights on I could not

The unrealistic body shape, and also believe that the bridge length

I join the system, the feed Travel left in 'Stylish fashion'

If you have a water right, Beautiful looks, and was proud.

Group Girl's Day leader Sojin this neat looks to poised.

Austin River 'Hands on boldly waist'

Hyori 'Nolto Girl's Day is Out, Beautiful 3-Person Certified Shot'

"Thanks to my sister" .. Sam Lee Concert Celebratory photo

Lim Hyun-joo, costume design major

'A golden dress that strikes a gaze from the entrance'

Heart signal Im Hyun-ju 'Careful steps with short skirts'