Samsung Group wonder girls-born actor Sohee near the situation I was.

Sohee, pink T-shirt+Yellow-bellied slider Hat during visual and "Sea"

Sohee, Busan IPark Bada in clicks..'Today, Leeds'

Sohee with Park Jin Young cheer was.

Sohee, Hey, pouty expression, even Loveable

Sohee near the situation to the public.

Sohee with Self disclosed.

Sohee, we have those days Love was 'Matchless by you'

Group Wonder Girls released their Sohee with pure Guests fashion on display.

Sohee the atmosphere near the situation to the public.

Sohee, flowers Hwasa as Miso..lovely visual Explosion

"One Taiwan hit"..'Waikiki 2' Lee Yi-kyung, Sohee was 'Heart-fluttering'

'Waikiki 2' Sohee, shock of make up (feat.More thigh hair+vinyl dress)

Sohee 'V Skyline strutting'

Sohee, Sight Sweep to intense fashion

Sohee, year-end meetings, The Party featured 'The Holiday look' suggestions

Fashion magazine 'Elle Korea'12 in this issue learn Sohee's pictorial revealed.

Sohee, still a high school student? Good looks during debut

"Still pretty." Sohee, 'Autumn goddess' beauty

'Surprise ~' Sohee 'Big eyes'