(Woman), Eric Idle of the United States 'The bottom piercing Awl lead Hill'

Kim, Yu-Jeong 'How shaved'

Jun Ji-hyun 'Now mother of two children'

Jun Ji-hyun, one layer softer smile

Jun Ji-hyun 'Three months out of time during the Beautiful looks'

Jun Ji-hyun, the runway than the more

Jun Ji-hyun, so Jun Ji-hyun

Jun Ji-hyun 'A deeper beauty'

Jun Ji-hyun, dazzling Beautiful looks to the Hyundai Department Store receipt

Jun Ji-hyun, the spring breeze like smile

Clara 'Wedding ring fluttering Happiness, one smile'

Clara, then South a different Beautiful looks

Clara 'On the left ring Shining Romance marriage ring'

The floats Clara, gaze robbed adhesive white stain

Clara 'Happiness for the new owners'

Clara 'marriage after more prettier with Beautiful looks'

Jang Ki-yong 'Feel-good smile'