So Yoo-jin, Happiness-filled smile

So Yoo-jin,'Fresh smile'

So Yoo-jin,'Shy footsteps'

So Yoo-jin, prettier with Beautiful looks

So Yoo-jin 'Too Happiness one nowadays'

MBC weekend drama, 'I love the healing' So Yoo-jin this body is not Asphalt floor and rolled as the scene has been captured.

So Yoo-jin 'Third beautiful and more beautiful beauty'

So Yoo-jin 'In the fall,'

'My love healing' Soo-jin, Yeon Jung-hoon, Baek Jong-won and Han Gain's express cheering

So Yoo-jin 'An imposing figure'

'A glamorous fashion'

'My love healing' So Yoo-jin, the extreme Alba challenge .. 'Passion'

'My love healing' So Yoo-jin - Yeon Jung-hoon 'Hudang' released

'My love healing' So Yoo-jin, Survival It's not 24 o'clock. '

So Yoo-jin, 'This is the beauty of three children's mom!' (Family diary)

So Yoo-jin 'One piece flapping every step' (Family diary)

"Sweating" .. So Yoo-jin, the secret of three-mom's body

Is everyone right? So Yoo-jin, pure white in pure white dress