Within a group of DIA members Jung Chae-yeon of transparent Skins with the pure attractive stand for cosmetics of the brand Beauty photoshoot added to the public.

Cha Eun-woo, women's sniper completely visual..deadly eyes is a bonus

EXO Kai, intense coppery Skins..that flowed sexy beauty

One place we are now, the most glowing, Beautiful looks..overwhelming class

Car Craft-related, Hwasa one Skins+fresh Miso to occupied for AD shooting

MAMAMOO Hwasa, coppery Skins to the magnificence of health, Beauty..everyday heap to

Kim Hie-jae, flawless Skins handsome 'Floral smell that one'

Tiruppur, Model EXO 'Baekhyun' was

Jessie, coppery Skins+a Black Panther crop top finished with I Am Not a Hipster visual

Progress in Smoking, just in Sight overwhelmed the 'Exclusive atmosphere'

Group MAMAMOO member Hwasa with a unique health to boasted.

Han Sunhwa, immaculate Skins+water right, Beautiful looks 'Pure'

Lee Ha-nui, close-up called 'Beautiful Miso'

"Spring with" fresh Oh Yeon-seo

orphanage La, B, The Cut and finish is perfect..Spring called the 'Spring of the Goddess'

Ryu Jun-yeol, first develop pictorial public "Life itself is a Travel may be"

'Cow's milk in the Born seemed to' whiteness of Shin Se-kyung breathtaking Goddess beauty

Actor Kim Yoo-jung this beautiful Miso, and was proud.

Lee Sung-kyung, immaculate Skins on as see from Doll visual divergence "Is the stone walls put on it"

Song Hye-kyo, in public ... fine shooting in the humiliation no‧extreme Beautiful looks