OH MY GIRL is a toddler, 'This look first.~'

Ha Seok-jin, come winter, set aside and my boyfriend look

Hyomin, seemed pure fashion

Kim Young-kwang, 'A bright smile with one firing'

Eternal, while Kim Hee-sun

Kim Hee-sun, 'Nine Room' Party with the staff fashion

승리 'Mike clasped hands unique'

Han Go-eun, 'Black Charismatic'

Han Go-eun 'All Black Sexy'

Han Hye-jin 'Runway anywhere'

Han Go-eun, 'Jacket for Photo Time'

Hyun-kyung Uhm, long-legged walking

'Appearing with eye-catching'

Kim, Sang-hee

Kim Min Kyung, today's fashionistas

Hyun-kyung Uhm 'Strange Walking Awkward Kill'

Kim Sae-hee, see-through fashion catching eyes

Sung Yu-ri 'More beautiful beauty'

Orders, 'A luxury blonde hair'

Sung Yu-ri, 'Full body velvet dress'