Shin Min-a, Gong Hyo-jin film shot in the Iced coffee The Gift 'Close by'

Shin Min-a 'Laugh, then pretty mouth marketing'

Shin Min-a, 'Crossing the runway'

Shin Min-a 'Away from us'

Shin Min-a 'Wide pin a smile'

Shin Min-a 'Dimples smile in the heart-fluttering!'

Shin Min-a, 'Paris Well I'll see you.'

'Section TV entertainment communication' Cha Eun-woo with Shin Min-a, ideal type World Cup # 1 thought.

Shin Min-a 'For winter visitors, the Airport fashion'

'Shin Min-a appeared in all of Sohn Suk-hee'

Shin Min-a, 'Sohn Suk-hee!'

Shin Min-a 'Neck protect warm fashion'

Shin Min-a, 'Lovely greetings to the South and'

Shin Min-a 'Sweet Hand greeting'(Airport fashion)

Shin Min-a, 'A devilish smile'

'Shinbley' Shin Min-a, full of haircut and Attractiveness Self 'Full of joy'

Shin Min-a, Shining Romance Aura than Jewelry

Shin Min-a, tight profile

'Face jewel' Shin Min-a 'Incomparable atmosphere goddess'

Shin Min-a 'Fashion Match Point to the waist rope?'