'Dew of life' Shin Hyun-bin, Calyx and lovely charm exudes..Kim Go-eun "The exit"

Ripened the character of their relationship through a variety of fun and excitement to the tvN 2020 Thursday special 'A wise Physician life'(rendering the identity code before, the process, planning, tvN, produced in the size marker stream)this choice of the set 5 of all examples, and questions to amplify it.

'Dew of' Shin Hyun-bin, Zhang winter teacher of the Reversal..glasses undisclosed

Actor Han Hyo Ju is 'Thanks to the challenge participated in.

'Dew of life' Jung Moon-sung→Shin Hyun-bin, get rate any hospital Majors

Actress Han Hyo Ju is Corona 19 prevent the spread to strive for medical and citizens Thank You and cheer of the message.

Actress Kim Go-eun this new coronavirus infection(Corona 19) overcome and has been contributing to the medical with the Cheering had.

Actress Kim Go-eun this new coronavirus infection(Corona 19)related for 'Thanks to the challenge'and participated.

"Medical, respect and Thank You" Kim Go-eun, 'Thanks to the challenge' involved..Han Ji-min and Shin Hyun-bin now

'Dew of life' Shin Hyun-bin, the surgery, wearing a long winter, perfect Bing's..Lake Charm

Actor Shin Hyun-bin in this drama perfect in the role has been immersed.

'Cine town' Shin Hyun-bin X Jung Ga-ram, 'Straw even look like beasts' PR

'Cine town' Shin Hyun-bin, Jung Ga-ram, input / Amsterdam+Kemi 'Straw people' expectations↑ #essential #Jung Woo-sung(comprehensive)

'Cine town' Jung Ga-ram "Jung Woo-sung too shiny and too good"

Kim Yong-Hoon Director - Bae Seong-woo - Shin Hyun-bin - conduction delay - Yoon Jung - Jung Ga-ram - Jung Woo-sung 'Looking more and more Actors in this one spot on'

Conduction, natural and Jung Woo-sung and Bae Seong-woo and Yoon and Shin Hyun-bin and Jung Ga-ram, 'Straw even look like beasts' protagonists

'Straw even' Director "日 the original Structure complex, the film as a reconstruction"

Shin Hyun-bin, 'Atmosphere beauty'

Shin Hyun-bin, 'A charming face'

'Straw even' conduction delay "Intense the center of the scanner, rather than the power out and smoke to"