"Table taken as he may play into the picture"..'Running Man', The Korea Communications Commission comments with listening

We Baro 'Says Love Coach'

Bae Suzy - Shin Dong-yup, 'Elegant MC'

Shin Dong-yup, the eyes are intense~

Shin Dong-yup, bright with attire~

Shin Dong-yup 'Believe and see the same lobe your art'

Shin Dong-yup 'Camera on the fence and would like to warming~'

'White Arts Awards' actor Ong Seong-wu and Kim Hyang Gi the award as her.

Shin Dong-yup, 'Bae Suzy from the next V'

Shin Dong-yup - Bae Suzy, Kim Ye-won and V

Shin Dong-yup 'Hello Sorn each other the magnificence of time hand greeting'

'The ugly our cub' Im Yoon-ah, "Girls' Generation in I visual in charge".. the years Goby Center visual

Hong Seok-cheon 'The performers also surprised the pose of'

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Park Na-rae 'today fashion?'

Hong Seok-cheon 'Secretly conscious fashion'

Park Na-rae 'Always confident pose~'

Park Na-rae 'Gag by your daring poses'

Felt like crying for divine help in a Bong Tae Kyu love confession up, Smoke Weed Everyday ★ say really really