Choo Ja-hyun 'Mom of Happiness in one smile'

Ye Ji-won 'Glowing porcelain skin'

Ko So-young 'Korean national beauty'

Ko So-young, 'Bling bling'

Ko So-young, still dazzling beauty

Ko So-young

Ko So-young, a beautiful preservative against time

Ko So-young, 'Aid Beauty's Smile'

Ko So-young, 'A dazzling entry'

Ko So-young 'Mimo is still in progress'

Han, Hye Jin, 'She'

Han Hye Jin, 'More beautiful beauty'

'Han Hye-jin, a white dress,

Han Hye-jin, 'I am surprised that you too'

Jung Hae In 'Smile'

Jung Hae In, 'Shadow is good'

Jung Hae In 'Hope to see more handsome ~'

Jung Hae In 'Straight posture'

Jung Hae In, 'Tidy and tidy'

Jung Hae In 'Your sister's mind is open to locking suits.'