BTS, 9 month group personal brand reputation TOP3 sweeping..Jimin 1 for the friend Jungkook # 2 friend V # 3

Seventeen, the regular 3 House Highlight medley revealed..wider Spectrum

'Comeback Countdown' Seventeen, organizations, official photo and white contrast belongs to a unique atmosphere

Samsung Group Seventeen The Ordinary 3 set of organizations and units official photo first unveiled.

Seventeen, the regular 3 Home Office initial photo revealed..suit decorated with perfect visuals

"Hof, refreshing it."..Seventeen, comeback photo teaser

Seventeen this is a new regular Vol. 3 'An Ode'of attractive Hana Hana with the photo as public, no attention.

Group Seventeen this promotion schedules and official photo for the first time in public.

Group Seventeen this coming 16th comeback ahead and scale comeback countdown took the plunge.

Group Seventeen members of the air scoop, and Yoon Jeonghan, Joshua, Kim former General Manager, Vernon this 'Marie Claire' pictorial revealed.

EXO→Seventeen 'SBS Super concert in Hong Kong', today(2 days) broadcast

Group Seventeen this 13-inch 13 colors single full official photo first unveiled.

'Running Man' Kim Hye Yun, 'For example in' Naked Art "Video deleted in the 1st place"

'Running Man' Seventeen Mark X'ACE' Song Ji-hyo's back break out! 7.1% 'The best 1 minute'

'Running Man' Kim Hye Yun, for from beyond the Idol dance charm showed off.

'Running Man' Seventeen Mark X Song Ji-hyo's back break out..7.1% 'The best 1 minute'

'Running Man' Seventeen Mark X Song Ji-hyo, allow break out.. 7.1% 'The best 1 minute'

'Running Man' Seventeen Kim former General Manager and Song Ji-hyo back break out 'The best 1 minute'