Solo debut Baekhyun, with a smile entry

EXO Chen, Baekhyun showcase progress in charge did

Baekhyun, Chen and interview

Baekhyun, side perfect

Baekhyun, tension lost smile

Solo debut Baekhyun, Chen together with Showcase

Baekhyun, come to the black stage fashion

Group EXO Chen Baekhyun's solo album preparation process mentioned.

Baekhyun, only the edges of the encounter of the Romantic pose

Baekhyun,his first solo album in a shy smile

Baekhyun, confident solo posing

Baekhyun, Chen helped the solo announcement

EXO Sehun, Cheongdam-dong in Airport fashion

EXO Sehun, but Elsa, over looks

The movie 'Lion' Park Seo-joon, Woo Do-hwan, Ahn Sung-Ki's work with confidence in this summer theatre grab you resolution.

April I,'Lovely smile as events progress'

Lee So-yeon,'Jo An Grab and carefully stairs down'