Chanyeol 'Prince has been'

The Guardian, masculine pose

Kindly greetings to the Guardian

Heart-warming fall guy, the EXO Guardian

Guardian 'Sexy suit fit'

The Guardian 'The hand is smaller than the face'

EXO Guardian, sexy

Women's Come killer, EXO protection

EXO protection, cool can fit

The Guardian, EXO representative visual

Visual ultimate, EXO protection

EXO Guardian, 'Celebrity of the Aura Pool Pool'

EXO Guardian, 'Skins virtual EN Un men'

EXO Guardian, 'Reality is no Gentleman'

EXO Guardian, 'a Dark male fun'

EXO Guardian, 'The moment the heart kung kung'

EXO Guardian, 'At night, the more shining handsome'

Guardian 'Soft eyes'

Guardian 'What time is it now?'

The Guardian 'A comma head as the heart attack'