Lee Sung-kyung, Soy, Star and Itoda Self "Stone play with, please."

Kim Yoo-jung, Doll-like Self..than the sun dazzling Miso

"Today is also the lovely"..Kim Yoo-jung, admiring the fresh, Beautiful looks

Kim Yoo-jung, sight 'Huck' sound or Beautiful looks exudes a 'Sparkly'

Han Ye-seul this is for Miso to the fans has been captured.

Samsung Group BLACKPINK member Ji Soo with pure, Beautiful looks, and was proud.

Samsung Group EXO(EXO) member Chanyeol this old-fashioned sensibility of the water, makes you feel Self disclosed.

EXO Sehun, in a long Self to the fans greeting..'Dark Shine is a handsome'

Actress Kang So-ra a 'Self Fool' nickname for it.

Actor Kang So-ra a 'Self Fool'is his nickname for retorted.

'Running Man' Kang So-ra, the photo bomb..'Self BA:BO' nickname "Old is"

Kang So-ra "Self BA:BO? Nowadays, well take that it"

'Running Man' Kang So-ra, 'Self BA:BO' nickname in the "Now well take"

'Running Man' Kang So-ra "Self a fool? Nowadays, well take that it" Black history Revealed

'Running Man' Kang So-ra Self as a goddess again used for revealed.

Kim Sa-rang this during the Beautiful looks and was proud.

Yoon Se-ah, pure beauty strutting "Bangkok. Morning. Hi?"

Park Min-young in this fresh condition was introduced.

Broadcast design Wall new the EXO Manager Experience and public ahead of the members and of the Self to the public.

Broadcast design Wall new with EXO and the acquaintance of and was.