EXO Sehun, fans sea soft eyes 'Airport fashion'

EXO Sehun, a perfect retro fashion 'Airport fashion'

Chanyeol - Sehun, departure enjoy a leisurely footfall

EXO Baekhyun X Kai, Sehun, this send Iced coffee certification 'The youngest of our'

EXO Baekhyun X Kai, Sehun Iced coffee certification.. 'A heart-warming friendship'

EXO Baekhyun X Kai, Sehun Iced coffee Celebratory photo "And our youngest"

EXO Sehun, Super im background X Kai Iced coffee The Gift "Rei Nam"

Sehun, Super im Kai Baekhyun for Iced coffee presents 'EXO's'

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Exo Sehun and singer actor Lee Seung-gi with friends and had.

EXO Sehun this singer cum Actor Lee Seung-gi and his friends were proud.

Group EXO's members Sehun and Actor Lee Seung-gi-warming acquaintance exposed.

EXO Sehun, 'Music is my friend'

EXO Sehun, 'Blemish rate'

EXO Sehun,'There is Music to hear and Return'

EXO Sehun,'Hood with face completely and'

The Guardian,Kai,Sehun gaze and set attraction

The Guardian,Sehun and tired looking eyes

The Guardian,Sehun Japan schedule and Entrance

'Music Bank' EXO Sehun&Chanyeol, broadcast appearances without a long-Hye X Yoon on immigration, and 1 for